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Suggested Books for April.


This is a new edition of this artist-led picture book that begins with the question 'Have you ever wondered what clouds are made of?' This title includes fabulous watercolour paintings and evocative text that lead very young children through the effects of a rainy day; from cloudy skies to the 'splish, splash, splosh' of puddles and a beautiful rainbow. It also includes a simple story for very young children filled with Sarah Gill's atmospheric illustrations of stormy skies, leaping frogs, and wispy clouds. It also describes some of the creatures who need and enjoy rainy days, such as frogs, birds, worms and snails.




#2 Suggested Book for April.

My Yellow Umbrella  by Chris robertson. 
It's a beautiful day for a yellow umbrella!

Bright, retro-inspired illustrations accompany a little girl on her dreamy day with a yellow umbrella. By Chris Robertson. 



Happy Spring Time
Music to Spring Circle Dance

Words to Spring Circle Dance Above

Verse 1:

Spring, spring, spring. Our winter days are past.

The tulips raise their little heads, the snow is gone at last. 

(For warmer climates replace 'snow' with 'rain' or 'cold'.) 

Verse 2:

Spring, spring, spring. The buds form on the trees

When Mr. Sun shines down on them they open into leaves.

Verse 3:

 Spring, spring, spring. The birds are building nests 

They sing their songs for us to hear, to see who sings the best.    

Verse 4:

Spring, spring, spring. Of spring we now shall sing. 

So take hands and dance around and give three cheers for Spring!

(repeat this verse twice. 


Directions for Dance

Assign each student a role of being a tulips, or a bud, or a bird. Students sit in a circle with arms crossed and heads down as they sing. 

On Verse 1: tulips raise heads (smiles on faces) and put arms up to represent leaves.

On Verse 2: Buds slowly sit up straight and pur arms above head with hands together. 

On Verse 3: Birds raise their heads and stretch arms up and wave as if flying.

On Verse 4: Students stand, take hands and dance around the circle. At the end of the second sing, students shout Hip, hip, hurray, three times.   


Caterpillar Cake

Caterpillar Cake

If you are planning a holiday party why not have this luscious caterpillar for dessert?

Let your students put on their baker’s hats and aprons to mix up a package of white cake mix.The'll need the aprons. 🤭

Divide cake mix batter into cupcake size portions adding a different color to each amount. (Have two cup cakes made from the  basic colors, red, yellow, blue, mix these colors to make orange, green, and purple.) Bake in clear paper holders. Use at least a dozen cupcakes, (more if you have more students) when cooled let students frost them with white frosting. adding the candy legs (poke a hole on the sides of each cupcake to place legs.)  On a foil covered large cookie sheet, place first cupcake facing up. Place all but one of the cupcakes together on their sides – bottoms attached to top of back cupcake. Twist them around to resemble a caterpillar. Decorate the last cake with face, (see photo,) and place on top of the first cupcake (that is facing up). Insert lollypops for antennas before placing on the first cupcake. Be creative with the face. Don’t forget to get out your camera and take pictures before eating. 🤩


Easter Bunny Basket.

Use the heavier waxed paper plates to make this charming Easter basket.  

You will need per student:

three paper plates, piece of yarn about 1 foot long, two white cotton balls, 3 small pink cotton balls (can be circles cut from pink construction paper.)

Available on art table: scissors, hole puncher, glue.


Cut top off of one paper plate. Cut ears from third paper plate.  (See above.) Cut teeth from left over plate. 

Cut ear center out of pink construction paper. Glue on ears. 

Glue ears on plate one.  Glue plates one and two together (strengthen with staples.)  

Use the cotton balls and cut out teeth to make the face. Use marker to make eyes. 

Punch hole in mask just below each ear.  Tie yarn into holes to make the handle. 



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"My Yellow Umbrella' by Chris Robertson. Short and sweet with wonderful illustrations
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